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Welcome from Cameron @ MMI

We work with clients like YOU everyday.

We can do every thing for you from setting up a full ecommerce store, to simply restyling your webpage.

This is a sampling of some of our on-going and past projects. Take some time a look through some of the work.

Please, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

Joomla + Facebook : JFacebook PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer Toronto Ottawa

Vote for it on the JED!

Easy Facebook Connect Integration for Joomla!

If you have a Joomla! powered website and you have been wanting to start to utilize the power of Facebook Connect and the latest version of the Social Graph, then you should read on: The JFacebook Extension is meant to make your life simple.

 This base system simply lets your guests:

Ellesmere X-Ray Associates: PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer Toronto

In the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, for those who don't know) there is a company that who name is synonamous with clinical medical imaging, and that company is Ellesmere X-Ray Associates.

For their website, they turned to MMI to help them bring their brand to life. They need Google Map functionality, and some special rendering for their Radiologist profiles.

MMI is proud to offer EXR ongoing support and hosting services

Silver Lining Painting PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer Toronto

Our friends over at Silver Lining Fine Painting and Finishing need some help. Their website, although reasonably new, looked dated and didn't suit the needs of the company.

They wanted an easy to manage Gallery system to show off their completed jobs and projects, and a cleaner representation of their company's brand.

If you are in Ottawa and need some cosmetics applied to your home or business, give them a call PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer Toronto

A great Canadian

Last summer Corla, the Brain behind this helpful invention needed, not only a web presence, but an online store. What's more: She needed it quickly! We looked at different options for her and came to the conclusion that was the best fit.

We took care of everything for Corla, and now she is off and running!

Sell online: open an online store with Shopify

You get your own ecommerce website, you can accept credit cards, use your own domain, customize your website's design and we host everything for you. PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer is a world wide non-profit organization whose mission is to, well let them tell it:

Astronomers Without Borders fosters understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy.

Astronomers Without Borders projects promote sharing. Sharing resources. Sharing knowledge. Sharing inspiration. All through a common interest in something basic and universal. Sharing the sky.

At Magnetic, we are proud to offer ongoing support for their new website and different functional requirements. We have, at the time this writing completed installation and configuration of their new:

  • payment and subscription system
  • directory listings for affiliate organizations
  • sponsorship representation PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer Toronto is a great concept for a contract marketplace for architects from around the world.

The marketplace is built on top of a duel iLance (Marketplace Package) and Joomla! CMS integration.

This site also boasts

  • Some custom Ajaxian Registration
  • Accordian FAQ
  • Mootools and jQuery PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer Toronto

Naturus - Subscription Service for Futures Traders

Not long ago we were contact by to help them with a website overhaul. We were very happy to oblige. MMI has been helping with there subscription setup and general website maintanence and various integrations with other services. If you are interested in learning more about the service and the comprehensive training program go to - Independent Learning Center - TVO PDF Print E-mail
PHP Developer is a great service provided to Ontario students looking for a little help with their course curriculum by the Independent Learning Center of TVOntario. MMI served them as a technical consultant . We providing them with valuable advice on how to alleviate some nagging server and code related issues.
MMI Restaurant Menus PDF Print E-mail

See the Joomla Menu Management package is action

PHP Developer Toronto

In 2008, MMI was contracted to find a 'Friendly' solution to allow the management team at a restaurant make changes to their online menus and internally, without having to go to the designer every time they wanted to make a minor change. After much searching and actually buying and "Developmentally Deploying" a solution, we found that it just wasn't living up to the expectation of MMI, or the client. So, after re-examining and re-defining the requirements it was decided that the package should be written from scratch.

  • menu previewing before commitment
  • all items are edited in the staging area
  • menu backup system
  • customizable menu item templates
  • back-end filtering features
  • currency symbol overrides
  • wine/beverage label and price overriding
This is a great solution for new restaurants and designers who would like to easily update their menu items.
PennyAuction (Swoop-esque) Add-on for iLance PDF Print E-mail

August - October of 2009 I wrote a penny auction add-on for a client. They can now sell bids separately from the current iLance auction system and whatever price they set for an individual bid. The package features an Bid Buying store and a Bid Butler and holds bid battles between butlers. 


PTI Painting PDF Print E-mail

pti painting screen shotPTI Painting is a small company in T.O. who contacted us to help them get their website up and running. We are working with them continuously on their SEO and their overall e-presence.

Oh...and if your need some painting done in the Toronto area, you should give them a shout. 


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